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Scaligera is passionately dedicated to the purchase and sale of collections and individual items that stand out for their rarity and extraordinary value.

Our mission is to discover and enhance hidden treasures, bringing to light unique items that tell fascinating stories. We are interested in coins and medals, wines and spirits, watches, and other collectible items.

Whether you are the owner of historical collections or the custodian of individual pieces of exceptional importance, or if you are in search of them, Scaligera is the ideal partner to guide you through a process of valorization, cession, and acquisition. With us, every rare item finds a place where its story and value are fully recognized and appreciated.

We are available to follow and advise you in every single step for the sale of your coins and collectible items, starting with an initial evaluation, entirely confidential, leading to the direct purchase of your goods, ensuring professionalism and discretion, two of the pillars of Scaligera.

We are waiting for you at our office in Verona, you can contact us for an appointment by email or phone at +39 045 4949612. We are also present in the Ferrara area, for appointments you can always contact us by email or phone at +39 045 4949612.


Scaligera - Coins • Watches • Wines and Spirits

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