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Scaligera is passionately dedicated to the purchase and sale of collections and individual pieces distinguished by their rarity and extraordinary value. Our mission is to discover and enhance hidden treasures, bringing to light unique items that tell fascinating stories. Whether you are the owner of historical collections or the custodian of exceptional importance single items, or if you are searching for them, Scaligera is the ideal partner to guide you through a path of valorization, cession, and acquisition. With us, every rare item finds a place where its history and value are fully recognized and appreciated.



The heart of our store. Here, you will find an extraordinary selection of coins and medals that testify the history through precious metals and portraits. Each piece is carefully selected for its rarity, history, and beauty. Whether you are an experienced collector or a novice enthusiast, our qualified staff is always available to assist you in discovering the perfect piece that will enrich your collection.


We celebrate the mastery and elegance of time with our exclusive selection of watches. Specializing in wristwatches and pocket watches, we offer unique pieces for sale and are also interested in purchasing prestigious watches. From elegant and sophisticated wristwatch creations to historical and refined pocket watches, each watch in our collection represents a perfect fusion of precise engineering and impeccable aesthetics. We are committed to ensuring that each customer finds a watch that reflects not only their personal taste but also becomes a distinctive symbol of their individuality. Moreover, we are always in search of exceptional pieces to add to our collection, carefully evaluating watches that tell a story, are witnesses of an era, or represent a masterpiece of design and technique.

Rare and Fine Wines

We invite you to discover an exclusive world of collectible wines and spirits, selected for their exceptional rarity and quality. Our selection includes bottles from the finest vintages and from the most renowned wineries in the world, authentic oenological jewels that fascinate collectors and connoisseurs. Each bottle in our selection is a treasure of history and tradition, perfect for enriching private collections or celebrating special moments. In addition to offering these precious gems, we are always actively looking to purchase collectible wines and spirits. Our commitment is directed both to enthusiasts who wish to sell their bottles and to those who seek to expand their collection. These collectible wines and spirits are not just an investment of taste, but also a journey through time and the traditions of ancient wine lands. At Scaligera, and we are here to help you discover and participate in this wine narrative.

Other Collectible Items

Elegant pens, vintage lighters, and rare jewelry. Each piece is chosen for its uniqueness and story. We offer not only sales but are also interested in purchasing these extraordinary items.

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